Shakuhachi, voice production, Japanese traditional way of breathing, circular breathing, Music composition


Private lessons from Akikazu Nakamura


-Breathing techniques  (Missoku –Japanese traditional way of breathing; circular breathing)
-Voice production (Japanese traditional voice production using harmonics: theatre, reading, singing, etc.)
-Shakuhachi lesson
-Music composition


Lesson formats:

-Ordinary face-to-face lessons

*Method for preventing viral infection during indoor lessons: Vinyl pratition between teacher and pupil, installation of the AIRLIA ultraviolet cleanser of the air circulation type.

*Lessons given with masks removed.



Measures to prevent viral infection during face-to-face lessons:

Use of disinfectant gel before entering the room, measurement of body temperature inside the room, use of masks or face shields inside the hall.

(Students who are unable to wear masks for health reasons are requested to wear face shields in order to prevent other students from becoming infected.)




Monthly lesson fees:

Introductory fee $150
Monthly fee $150
Any of the following three courses are available:

Three lessons a month (30 minutes each)

Two lessons a month (one 30-minute lesson and one 60-minute lesson)

One lesson a month (one 90-minute lesson)


Single lesson fee:

$200 (60 minutes)


Online lessons are also now available.


Online lessons are now available over Zoom for use by students unable to recieve normal lessons due to the risk of Covid-19. Please feel free to make use of such lessons.

(Ordinary face-to-face lessons are still available.)


Use of Zoom:

(1) Download the Zoom app.

(2) Contact Office Sound Pot and decide on the day for your lesson. We will inform you of Nakamura’s ID and password.

(3) When the prearranged time arrives, select “Go to Meeting” and enter Nakamura’s ID and password to gain immediate access.


If you experience any problems, please contact us by phone or email.


Contact us

Tel.+81 3-5374-8373


Open lesson

– Held at irregular intervals. For details see the schedule page.

* Open lessons are all held at Studio Sound Pot.

Eight minutes on foot from Hachimanyama Station and Rokakoen Station on the Keio Line.